Interviewer: How do you feel knowing that you’re the inspiration for a character like Kate Beckett? She’s a strong woman, working in a men’s job that has made her way in that world. What was your reaction when Andrew told you about creating a show like Castle?

Terri: Super flattered. I love the way I look through Andrew’s eyes. I am honored that he considers me his muse, AND, he is mine. When I read his pilot for Castle, I was blown away, and the most romantic part is, when the pilot got picked up, he told me he wanted us to make the show together. He says I bring the “sparks.” (x)

Andrew: It’s a tough scene (the interrogation room in 1x01 btwn Kate & Rick), because we’ re trying to establish both characters. We’re also trying to establish an element of antagonism, and sparks here. - Andrew Marlowe 1x01 Castle commentary

30 Day Castle Meme: Day Twenty Seven  Episode You’ve Seen the Most Times: 1x01, Flowers For Your Grave


Why is it so important for female actresses, and male actors, to support this organization (Women In Film)? [x]

Bless this woman.

first ep of castle? :)

a chill goes through her veins 

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